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Welcome to Poetry in Motion Designs LiveJournal Community. Here you will find LJ icons, banners, colorbars, etc. Just about anything graphics related you can think of really - except for LJ layouts. Any layouts posted here will be for regular website layouts (HTML, CSS, XHTML). I'm more in tune with making website layouts than I am with making journal (i.e. LiveJournal, Blogger, etc.) layouts, well, actually, I mean coding website layouts. As far as making them goes, they are plain - no one would want them. They are just images or people in pictures removed and put on a different background with some styles, text, brushes, and textures used (blending in such a large image as a layout header banner is not easy for me just yet and I've been working with graphics since 2002, but I'm still practicing - so bear with me) - I'm not very proud of them, but I'll show you some I've made if you ask. Nevertheless, if you need a layout coded you can request for me to do it for you, but you will have to be patient.

Members Only!!

Viewing access is members only, posting access is ME only unless I, at some point in time, change my mind and take on other graphics' makers, but for right now - it's just me and that is the way I want it to be. If you would like to know when I have posted any new graphics, please join and friend the community!

You do NOT have to comment to join!
Just click the "Join this Community" link provided in the
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Make sure you friend the community too so you will always know when I have posted new graphics.

**If you take the above "Members Only" banner...please credit me by linking to
destiniv or destineyjen or pimdesigns if you do use it anywhere! Thank you!